Sunday, February 26, 2012

The language of poetry and wine

"Wine is bottled poetry" R.L. Stevenson

    The myriad categories of both wine and poetry too often confuse the neophyte. Poetry and wine appeal to and affect the head and may go straight to the heart. Both can transport you anywhere. Both have a huge capacity to surprise. The best wine and poetry offer a mind bending combination of intensity, finesse and grace. Both may have balance and harmony, give pleasure and provoke thought. Poor quality in wine or poetry may provoke gastric acidity, confusion, ill temper, boredom and headache.
  Beginning poets and wine-tasters should start simply. They should slowly work up to nuances and sincerity in the depths of each. Gradually their senses, perhaps over years and after slow, careful study and tastings should recognize the complexity and density beneath each poem or wine.
    Not all wines are drinkable nor are all poems enjoyable. But, whether complex, simple, earthy, animal-like, delicate or subtle, flowery or fruity, sec or sweet, enjoyment, refreshment and increasing interest are the result of imbibing both good wine and poetry.

Cheers, prosit, skol, good reading!
Elliot O. Lipchik


  1. as somewhat of a novice to both, I find it very enjoyable to sample as much as possible. yes, more please.

  2. Elegantly put, Elliot. Thanks for leading me to your blog. Barbara